Thursday, February 9, 2012

St. Paul University Manila on Centennial Celebration

Last January 25 to January 29, our school, St. Paul University Manila had our Centennial Celebration. We had our Grand Centennial Mass, Kantiyawan: the Reunion, Bingon Bonanza, Out to Groove, Centennial Jamming, and the Grand Centennial Alumni Homecoming were many of the alumni came to celebrate it. It was a blast I must say, but there's still some glitches in my opinion, but still in General it was a blast.

1st Day (January 24, 2012)

This that was the opening of the Centennial 'Tiange' at the our school ground, I just saw those 'tiange' the day after of the opening.  I actually didn't know what happened at that day because I was on my interview also for my Industrial setting in Makati. I just know that it was the opening day for the Tiange and also, I think some games were being held. 

2nd Day (January 25, 2012)

Officially, before our University Week came, our dean told us that we are required to go to the university week on January 25, and we are expected to be seen to the rest of the days, but yes. January 25 came, our official day that the St. Paul became 100 years, at 6:30am we are already at the school, waiting on our turn to ride the bus, this was one of the glitches of the system, we lack of  buses. SPUM may be a small university compare to others but the students plus the staffs are many. We went to Manila Cathedral for the Grand Centennial Mass, and after that we went back to school, for the free lunch.

3rd Day (January 26, 2012)

If I'm not mistaken, this was the day for the Kantiyawan: the Reunion. I had a lunch date with my first year first sem circle of friends, we had our lunch date reunion I must say. I missed so much, we rarely sees each other in our school, they are lucky that they belong to CBM and I belong to CAS. After we had our lunch date, I met my friends, in front of our Audi to lined up for the Kantiyawan, I didn't finished watching it but, it was good.

4th Day (January 27, 2012)

I was at he school early in the morning, not actually not that morning that you think, but I am early than my friends. I met a freshmen friend, because she was troubled a night before this day, that I suggested that we could meet and talked about it. We met at the school, had a chitchat, and I'm inspired to have a pierce in my ear, well, I actually don't know if I should pierce both side or not, but then I decided to pierced both side. It surprised me, the 'BANG' I mean, it was so loud, of course it's in my ear, I can feel pain for the last 1 and a week, but the pain was tolerable. It was the night of Out-to-Groove also, I, honestly don't like watching those kind of dance competition, I just don't know it's like I'm embarrassed to watch them? It was a failure, they should held the Out-Yo-Groove at the Audi not in the quad. I didn't finished watching OTG also.

5th Day (January 28, 2012)

Almost lunch time, me and Karen met at MOA, because I accompanied her to buy but she didn't buy shoes because there's no shoes that she likes. I planned to buy Itouch but then, I decided not to. After that we went to school, to meet up with the other friends. We waited for how many minutes for the jamming to start. We actually didn't finished it also and went straight to have a session, it was sudden but it was fun, I didn't get tipsy like before. Meeting new people. It was fun, I must really say, even though we didn't finished watching the centennial jamming at school.

6th Day (January 29, 2012)

Grand Centennial Alumni Homecoming was held at SMX Convention, 2pm on-wards. I didn't go there actually, 2 reasons, no appropriate attire to wear and I don't feel like going there. I think friends had a fun night there even though they went home early, as they share stories to me.

All in all, I had a fun week, even though we didn't finish watching all the events, it was fun, a relaxing week, I must say. It's kinda tiring also, that I actually want to sleep 48 hours. Just kiddin'.

Happy 100th Years to Saint Paul University Manila!

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